Oct. 7th, 2012 05:06 pm
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 I am a horribly inefficient person with a lot of interests, and as such I have managed to spread my "to-read" websites and articles over several different extensions, websites and browsers. I think so far I've got Pocket (Google Chrome extension), Chrome bookmarks, reddit saved links/comments, StumbleUpon favourites, several separate notes in different notebooks in Evernote and individual .rtf's scattered all over my two computers and external HDs. All of those contain dozens, probably hundreds, of links and websites. I know for sure I've got 300+ Chrome bookmarks, and I used to have 200 or so sites in Pocket before I cleaned it up earlier today (woo!).
I'm just thinking, what can I do about this? I mean, I never actually read any of it. I've started tagging my Pocket saved websites (as of two seconds ago), so I guess that might help, but it's still annoying.
I don't even know how it started. I think with the bookmarks, I kept just bookmarking entire windows and then restarting Chrome because, obviously, the thing becomes quite sluggish with 100+ tabs.
Ehh. Maybe I'll just go through my bookmarks/Evernote notes/.rtf's/reddit and save everything to Pocket. Then again, bookmarks are great, because you're pretty much guaranteed that Google isn't gonna go down next month; Pocket, not so much.
Hmm. I guess I could try building my own link "wiki" of sorts, with different categories or tags (probably tags; then I can tag them as read/unread) for the links and such. I don't have enough coding experience for that, though, yet.
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