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2012-10-11 11:09 pm

Prioritisation and motivation

It seems like I've kicked out Spanish and started learning Latin. Which means it's about time I figure out what I'm actually doing.

I've been studying this for about 4 months, and I currently know ~300 kanji by meaning and reading, plus ~600 vocabulary items (nouns/verbs/adjectives/expressions/etc.). That's pretty good, I think!
I'm learning Japanese because I want to read Japanese novels and play Japanese games in the original language. There are so many things that don't get translated/released in the West, so yeah.
Resources: A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar, a rad online course, a bilingual reader, soon another Japanese course, + lots of original manga. I'm going to finish the online course first (currently 1/4th through it), then start reading the bilingual reader while looking up grammar constructs in the Dictionary. Then I'll do the other course + probably the manga.
I try to do something in Japanese every day: review/learn kanji on WaniKani whenever possible (which I've been slacking at for the past week, ugh), and do at least a little bit from the online course. I also want to start writing journals on Lang-8, but I'm not quite confident enough yet!

I think I'll just learn this first, enough to be able to read, and then start learning any Romance languages I want to speak (Brazilian Portuguese, French). It'll help with the latter, I think. Plus there are lots of Latin books to read.
Resources: Cambridge Latin Course, Lingva Latina Per Se Illvstrata. I'm also gonna try to get a hold of Caesar Julius's book, of which I can't remember the name! Anyway, I'll start with Cambridge then move on to Lingva Latina.
I'll try to study Latin on Fridays and, hmm, Tuesdays maybe.

Old Norse
I'm kind of-ish studying this at school. I'm learning it because I want to read all the awesome Old Norse literature in its original language. Also, ancestry.
Resources: a pretty good online course, A New Introduction to Old Norse volumes 1-3 and a copy of Inshelga. So I've got all I need, really! I'll go through the online course first, then the Introduction to Old Norse when I need it while reading Inshelga.
I'll study Old Norse on Sundays and Wednesdays.

(Mondays and Thursdays I'm usually too tired to even consider looking at a language, and Saturdays are reserved mainly for programming practice; non-Japanese languages if and only if I'm not too tired from staring at JavaScript all day. All of this might also change when my online programming courses start on Monday. aaaa I'm pretty excited for those! I'm taking Computer Science at edx.org and Python at mechanicalmooc.org and it'll all be awesome.)

So I guess I'm currently learning "only" three languages. I might do a little bit of Spanish on the side through duolingo and just plain reading (I just discovered a lot of Latin American authors that seem really interesting), but we'll see. I think, if I find a Spanish (especially Latin American Spanish) book that I want to read, I'll just get it and read it. In the original language. I'm confident enough in my reading skills for that; Spanish comes easy to me for some reason. So yeah.
If duolingo decides to release their Portuguese course before I've properly started Latin I'm gonna be screwed, hahah.